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    Increasing Parental Involvement for Improved Student Outcomes!

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    Engaging Parents to Improve School Readiness

    The early-stage intervention provided by the ePromotora program engages parents from low socio-economic areas and provides PreK students with a strong start as they begin their education. Preliminary research by the Advancing America Foundation revealed the following for parents who had completed the program:

    • Parents understood that they were responsible to teach their children the alphabet, shape and pattern identification before their child begins school.

    • Parents obtained a public library card and read to their children on a regular basis.

    • Parents knew the year their child would graduate, and began actively considering their child’s graduation from high school.

    • Parents started becoming involved in their child’s school. 


    For Schools:

    The ePromotora PreK program targets the 6 literacy skills required by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) pre-K guidelines. The 6 essential literacy skills are: vocabulary, print motivation, print awareness, narrative skills, letter knowledge, and phonological and pre-math skills.  These 6 early literacy skills become the building blocks for later reading and writing. Research indicates that children who enter school with a strong foundation of these skills are better able to benefit from the reading instruction they receive when they arrive at school.  


    For Parents:

    As a result of the ePromotora program, parents confirm that they now understand how to prepare their child for school and they know how to reinforce what their child is learning in school with activities that support their academic achievement.

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